North Korea mobilizes military, steps up tracing amid COVID surge

SEOUL, May 17 (Reuters) – North Korea has mobilized its military to distribute COVID medicine and deployed more than 10,000 health workers to help trace potential patients, as it battles a wave of coronavirus , state media KCNA reported on Tuesday. The isolated country is grappling with its first recognized COVID-19 outbreak, which it confirmed … Read more

North Korea has an ‘explosive’ COVID outbreak and 0% vaccination rate

North Korea officially claimed no cases of COVID-19 until last Thursday. Now Pyongyang says 1.2 million people have febrile COVID-like symptoms, 50 people have died and the whole country is under control. Why is this important: North Korea has a 0% vaccination rate and meager health facilities, and it was already struggling to feed its … Read more

China doubles ‘Zero Covid’ standard to control citizens

China’s ruling Communist Party (CCP) recently announced that it is stepping up its “Zero Covid” strategy, in which it locks down and forcibly oppresses millions of Chinese citizens with the ostensible aim of completely eradicating the virus. respiratory virus. Just over a week ago, members of the CPC’s ruling Politburo Standing Committee held a meeting … Read more

US COVID cases are highest since November, while Northeast and Midwest are above delta peak

COVID cases continued to rise in the United States on Monday and tended to reach the highest levels seen since late November, around the time South African scientists first identified the highly transmissible variant. of the omicron which quickly became dominant in the world. Sine then, the BA.2 variant of omicron and two other sub-variants … Read more

What we know (and don’t know) about North Korea’s Covid outbreak

North Korea reported 21 more deaths and 174,440 new “fever cases” on Friday, according to state media KCNA, although it did not say how many deaths and cases were Covid-related, likely in due to the country’s extremely limited testing capacity. But given the opaque nature of the regime and the country’s isolation from the world … Read more