North Korea hails recovery as WHO worries about missing data

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Wednesday more than a million people have already recovered from suspected COVID-19 just a week after revealing an outbreak it appears to be trying manage in isolation as global experts express deep concern over public health threat. The country’s antivirus headquarters announced 232,880 new fever cases and … Read more

North Korea on the brink of Covid-19 disaster, experts say

North Korea is on the brink of a Covid-19 catastrophe unless swift action is taken to deliver vaccines and drug treatments, experts say, as the number of people believed to have fallen ill has risen to nearly 1.5 million. The isolated country reported another sharp rise in new cases of what it continues to call … Read more

North Korea mobilizes military, steps up tracing amid COVID surge

SEOUL, May 17 (Reuters) – North Korea has mobilized its military to distribute COVID medicine and deployed more than 10,000 health workers to help trace potential patients, as it battles a wave of coronavirus , state media KCNA reported on Tuesday. The isolated country is grappling with its first recognized COVID-19 outbreak, which it confirmed … Read more

North Korea reports new fever outbreak amid COVID-19 crisis

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Tuesday reported another big spike in illnesses believed to be COVID-19 and encouraged good health habits as a massive outbreak spreads to its unvaccinated population and military officers were deployed to distribute medicine. State media said the Northern Antivirus headquarters reported another 269,510 people had a fever … Read more

North Korea has an ‘explosive’ COVID outbreak and 0% vaccination rate

North Korea officially claimed no cases of COVID-19 until last Thursday. Now Pyongyang says 1.2 million people have febrile COVID-like symptoms, 50 people have died and the whole country is under control. Why is this important: North Korea has a 0% vaccination rate and meager health facilities, and it was already struggling to feed its … Read more

North Korea reports another 15 suspected COVID-19 deaths

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea has confirmed 15 more deaths and hundreds of thousands more patients with fevers as it mobilizes more than a million healthcare and other workers to attempt to quell the nation’s first COVID-19 outbreak, state media reported. Sunday. After maintaining a widely disputed claim that there was no coronavirus … Read more