Over 500 football fans have converted to Islam in Qatar? The Guardian’s ‘Good Samaritan’ from Leicester seems to think so

On November 22, The Guardian’s “Good Samaritan” Majid Freeman tweeted that over 500 people (apparently tourists visiting Qatar to enjoy the 2022 FIFA World Cup) had converted to Islam. Not to forget, Freeman was used as one of the ‘legitimate’ voices during the Leicester violence, where Hindus were targeted for weeks. OpIndia reported how he was accused of inciting violence and caught multiple times spreading fake news.

Majid Freeman claimed people were converting to Islam. Source: Twitter

In the tweet, he wrote: “Allahu Akbar! We heard from local Dais in Qatar that more than 500 people have recently embraced Islam.” He also shared a video claiming that a Mexican fan had embraced Islam. He added: “Thousands of fans from all over the world are there. May they have the opportunity to see the beauty of Islam and may Allah guide them.”

Despite making such claims, there have been no media reports of people converting to Islam. Not even the Guardian, which took his views at face value during the Leister violence, has reported anything to support his claims.

Interestingly, Nigeria-based news website Muslim News recently named The Guardian the “Most Hijab-Friendly Media House”. The site conducted a poll to find out which media house was the most hijab-friendly. The Guardian won the poll and received 75 votes! This is the same portal that awarded Rana Ayyub, accused of financial fraud, the “Global Muslim Media Person 2021”.

Freeman isn’t alone in claiming such conversions on the sidelines of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. A Twitter user Abu Siddiq claimed in a tweet that 558 people had converted to Islam on the fringes of the World Cup in Qatar so far. He wrote: “The way things are going and with the big move in by Shaykh Dr. Zakir Naik and his team in Qatar, thousands of Europeans will see the light and embrace Islam.”

Twitter users claimed 558 people converted to Islam. Source: Twitter

Dilly Hussain, the deputy editor of 5PillarsUK, whose Twitter name has been withheld by Indian authorities for spreading fake news, made similar claims. He wrote: “At least 558 people have converted to Islam in Qatar in one week. Alhamdulillah.” Interestingly, no such reports were found on the 5PillarsUK website.

The deputy editor of 5PillarUK, a propaganda website, claimed 558 people in Qatar had converted to Islam. Source: Twitter

Who is Majid Freeman and the allegations against him?

To understand who Majid Freeman is, we have to go back to 2013, when ISIS activities in Syria were at their peak. In 2013, the BBC aired a documentary about the “Aid for Syria” convoy, in which “humanitarian organizations” and “activists” traveled to Syria to help those affected by ISIS atrocities. The BBC at the time hid the names of the charities involved in the convoy – analyst and scholar Sam Westrop later revealed those charities were One Nation, Al Fatiha Global and Aid4Syria.

In 2013, when the charity Aid For Syria was exposed by several scholars for its fundamentalist Islamist nature, Majid Freeman was in Syria under that banner, along with another “aide” Alan Henning, who was later kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS. He was with Henning when he was kidnapped by IS, reports say.

Freeman spoke for Henning at the memorial service and called him a beautiful man who helped when the international community looked the other way. However, Freeman began posting messages in support of ISIS just two weeks after the beheading, according to a Telegraph report. In his Facebook post, he called for a “dua” for a British ISIS terrorist Ifthekar Jaman, who was charged with a Syrian terrorist attack. He also released a video essentially stating that ISIS was a sane response to Western politics, saying, “This brother hit the nail on the head.”

According to the Telegraph report, Majid Freeman has expressed support for al-Qaeda terrorists, who they call Shaheed, said that al-Aqsa will be conquered by jihad, and expressed sympathy and support for the al-Qaeda cleric , which called for terrorist attacks against non-Muslims.

Interestingly, the Telegraph report also reveals that Freeman was questioned by police but not charged with any crime related to Aid4Syria.

Majid has essentially encouraged European Muslims to “do jihad in Syria” and has promoted “tributes” to the late al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki on his Twitter and Facebook accounts – this screenshot was taken by Sam Westrop posted in his exposé.

Majid Freeman and his affiliations with Al Qaeda affiliated organizations IHH: Is there a PFI affiliation?

Central to this question are three so-called charities that “worked” in Syria – Aid4Syria, Al Fatiha Global (the parent organization of Aid4Syria), IHH, Children in Deen and One Nation.

It is important to note that Majid Freeman has traveled to Syria along with these organizations in the humanitarian convoy and is personally involved with others such as One Nation and Aid4Syria.

Given Majid Freeman’s involvement in the anti-Hindu violence in Leicester, the misinformation he disseminated to incite Muslims to attack Hindus, and his terrorist views and associations, one has to wonder if there is more to the violence than meets the eye sees at first glance. The fact that IHH was involved in the Syrian convoy that Freeman was involved in and that IHH forged an alliance with the banned radical Islamist organization PFI in India, which works explicitly against Hindus (read this vision document to more about their plans to make India Islamic and conquer Hindus) raises far more questions than it answers.

Zakir Naik’s visit to Qatar to preach Islam

It was recently reported that Zakir Naik, the Islamic preacher from India wanted for financial fraud and other crimes, has reached Qatar to preach Islam. A 2016 video went viral in which he was seen converting people to Islam in Qatar. Although the video was old, there is speculation that his sermon on the sidelines of the 2022 FIFA World Cup could be aimed at converting visiting football fans.

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